Guest Post: Irish Caricature and Editorial Cartoons by Barry Sheppard

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Ciara Meehan

I am delighted to feature a guest post on my blog from Barry Sheppard of Queen’s University, Belfast, who curated the 1920s Irish Political Cartoons exhibition. All images in this post have been reproduced with kind permission from Irish Newspaper Archives and the Irish Press. I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Barry on his recent award of a Giving Northern Ireland research bursary.

~ Ciara

Irish Caricature and Editorial Cartoons

Contributed by Barry Sheppard (Queen’s University, Belfast)

While the noble art-form of caricature and of the editorial cartoon is one with a long and distinguished history, the study of early twentieth century visual imagery of Irish political newspaper cartoons and election posters has grown considerably in recent times. Recent books by James Curry on Ernest Kavanagh, Artist of the Revolution and Thomas Fitzpatrick and ‘The Leprechaun Monthly’ 1905 – 1915 (Curry and Ciaran Wallace) offer insight…

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